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protein, macromolecule, белки, макромолекулы


Macromolecules: DNA, RNA, proteins and other macromolecules, electron density maps - colourful illustrations and videos. Structures from Protein Data Bank.

crystal structure, crystallography, mineral, кристаллическая решетка, кристаллография


Crystal structures of different minerals (silicates, sulfides, oxides, carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, organic minerals ). More than 200 crystal structures of minerals: illustrations and videos. Structures from AMCSD.

Crystals: 1,2,3,4,5

модель молекулы, модели молекул, шаростержневые модели молекул

Molecular models

Molecular models: ball-and-stick, space-filling models and animations. From simple inorganic and organic compounds to complicated antibiotics. Structures from ChemSpider


Beautiful templates for presentations

шаблон шаблон


Spheres, cubes, parallelepipeds, 2D and 3D physics, chemistry and economics diagrams and many more:

трансформатор графики по химии Графики по экономике стереометрия
Physics diagrams Chemistry diagrams Economics diagrams Solid geometry (simple drawings) Solid geometry


Video clips on different subjects. Watch all

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